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Funny and wise life leadership lessons from Jon Escoto.

Winning the Game of Money: Gift

“How do I earn more money?” The answer is: You have a gift. And this talk presents very practical ways to develop your gift so that you profit from it...
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Burn: Burn Up

Talk three in our “BURN” series entitled “BURN UP” focuses on that which drives us: our passions, our inner fire. We are reminded that we have a choic...
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Burn: Burn Out

Talk Two entitled “BURNOUT,” highlights the need to cease trying to control that which is beyond our control. To work with God on making what we have,...
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Burn: Burn In

“Have you ever been so burnt out that nothing positive ever comes out of you anymore?” World Health Organization (WHO) now recognizes burnout as an oc...
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Bleedership: Limp

Embrace Your Limp. It teaches how to handle your limp or personal weakness or problem so you will become the Great Leader that God wants you to be.
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Bleedership: Lose

The second installment of our Leadership series, Bleedership, is titled "Lose". It shares an important lesson – that leaders, to be great, must be rea...
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Bleedership: Light

“You’re a Great Leader.” When God created you, He created great leadership within you. But leadership is not a position, or pedestal, or platform. It’...
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