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Tales of opioid addiction, treatment and recovery.

On track

We return to Kensington in Philadelphia. The staff at Prevention Point Philadelphia present their new methods to combat the opioid crisis.
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Another Life, Another Chance

Addicted, imprisoned and pregnant. A puzzling challenge or opportunity for a fresh start? We search for an answer through Jessica's experience on MAT ...
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Two steps forward...

Relapses, relapses, and more relapses. What happens on the way to recovery? We delve into this hot topic as many individuals in active addiction and r...
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The Mind & The Matter

What do childhood trauma and mental health have to do with addiction? Everything, according to Psychologist Stacy Rivenburg who spells out how mental ...
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The Lone Solution

Sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse, the odds are high for addiction. Follow one man, James Ivery, as he tells you what led him to addiction and ...
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The highjacked brain

Look deep inside the brain of those addicted to heroin through the experience of two doctors who treat patients with Suboxone. Find out who they think...
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Love More II

Brandon Artman continues with his addiction to painkillers and then heroin. His family struggles to find the right treatment path for him as Brandon p...
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Love More I

The story of Brandon Artman, a former student athlete, who developed an opioid addiction after a football injury. His wife, Erica, and his parents str...
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Hell below the EL

The Jonesing team travels to the heart of the opioid epidemic in Kensington, a neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa. We discover the harsh reality of a co...
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