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Student of Stand Up Comedy

017 Emceeing at a Comedy Club

OMG, I hosted a comedy club. Yes, I was the emcee for a line-up of all female comics. Such a great night but the process to get there that week was hu...
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016 Create a Workshop

After the comedy class is over and you are sent into to the real world to figure out your jokes, where do you go? Yes, open mics help for your stage f...
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015 Crowd Work

My first gig doing crowd work for a reality pilot for a friend of mine. It was last minute his phone call to me but I said, “yes.” What did I get myse...
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014 Principles of Comedy

BILL HICKS’S PRINCIPLES OF COMEDY William Melvin “Bill” Hicks (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994) was an ...
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013 Very First Booking

My very first booked show. I will be talking about the before and after experiences of this nerve racking adventure. This podcast will be recorded bef...
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012 Drinking and Joking

Yes you can consume alcohol while performing your routine but I highly don’t recommend it.  Especially if your set is new and your still figuring it o...
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011 The Stand-Up Comedy Book

I read a lot of comedy books and take a little from each one. This book Stand Up Comedy by Judy Carter was what I was looking for. Yes, it is dated bu...
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010 Educational Comedy Podcasts

Here are a couple of podcast that will help you on your comedic adventure in this hard craft to accomplish. Each one brings different learning techniq...
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