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Helping you make change, ditch the doubt, and awaken the force within to start living a life you love! Are you ready to live a life of power and purpose, with more confidence, clarity, courage and connection? Jeremy Long, Co-Active Empowerment Coach, and LGBTQ community member will help you transform your life with proven tools and methods that help you choose your journey! From lost boy to Confident coach, Jeremy shares his struggles with identity, addiction, mindset and self-worth to show you that with the right skills and the right questions, anyone can create the vision of their dreams! Wake up to your inner leader with weekly episodes of tips, tools, and personal stories for anyone looking for more!


Tune in to this recap episode where Jeremy shares what's gone down for him in the past year, the life lessons that have provided a wealth of transform...
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A Breakthrough in Money Mindset!

Ready for change in your story around money? Tired of hitting the same challenges time again? Tune in to learn how to get in touch with your Beliefs a...
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