Journey to More with Jeteia & David

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Your journey starts HERE! We will discuss all things health & wellness, personal growth, career, entrepreneurship, and spiritual growth, and family.

We're Back

Welcome to Season 5 of the podcast!!! We are excited to be back and on this journey with you all.  What's new with you??  We just launched a new ...
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Pivot and Go

Join us as we discuss the power of the pivot!!! A skill we all need to master on our journey. Thank you for Subscribing and please RATE & SHARE!
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Refresh Your Body

On this episode we discuss ways to refresh your Body.  Our resident health and wellness experts gave a list of things to do to start to refresh your b...
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Refresh Your Pockets

In this episode David and Jeteia discuss 5 ways to refresh your pockets! Suggestions for what to do with lumps sums of money.  Below you will find mor...
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Refresh Your Life

We are discussing refreshing your life.  This is the first of a series we are starting. Steps to refresh your life: 1. Take an evaluation2. Create a p...
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Dealing with Microaggressions

Story time! Micro-aggressions are no fun.  They are something a lot of us have dealt with but may not have known the term for them.  You know, when so...
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Where's The Love?

What happened to "Love Your Neighbor," in today's society its more like Hate your neighbor and everyone else.  Join us as we jump into this episo...
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3 Ways to Guarantee Growth

How can you guarantee you continue to grow in every area??  By always increasing your knowledge, focusing on wholeness, and the D word we love to hate...
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