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JourneysFire: Conversations and stories on the Art of Living, Loving, and Dying is a weekly podcast examining the mystery of life and death and the importance of what it means to be alive. Living and dying are intimately woven together and the key is understanding both is found in love.

Kate McGahan Interview

Kate McGahan's books will change the way you think and you will never look at life, death, or love the same way again.
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Diana Ensign Interview

In this beautifully written book, compassionate guide Diana Ensign shines a light on the road through grief and provides comfort to those who have exp...
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Karen Wyatt Interview

"7 Lessons For Living From The Dying" contains stories of patients she cared for as a hospice doctor and the spiritual lessons Dr. Wyatt learned from ...
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Elizabeth Lesser Interview

The Omega Institute is recognized internationally for its workshops on holistic health, psychology, cross-cultural arts, and spirituality.
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Leo Buscaglia Interview

Leo was the "rock star" of PBS in the 1980's, authored 15 books, five of which were on the New York Time's best-seller list... at the same time!
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Krishna Das Interview

With his soulful voice, KD has taken the call-and-response chanting out of yoga centers and into concert halls, becoming the best-selling western chan...
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Robert Moss Interview

Moss helps us shift from seeing our life as boring and ordinary to seeing it filled with meaningful messages and magic.
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David Kundtz Interview

Countless people feel more and more overwhelmed, exhausted, and discouraged. In the hurry of our busy lives, we rarely pause to listen carefully. Perh...
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