JP's Retro Game Night

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Inspired by the Retro Game Night Competitions we’ve put on in the past, JP's Retro Game Night is starting a PODCAST! Join JP, Jon, Greg, and Golds as we use our 75 years of combined gaming experience to wade through tons of retro games, from the quintessential greats to the ones we fished out of the garbage, literally! Each month we will try really hard to take an objective look at a few games and talk about our misadventures in attempting to play them. We love old games, and where would the amazing gaming industry be without them?

29 - Deceptive Dealings

This month we look at glitches (not cheat codes, or debugging) that we exploited to get the upper hand.  Oh, and JP can't say Tecmo.
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28 - Light Guns

Remember pointing the zapper at the screen when you were younger?  Did you ever try to press it against the screen to get a better shot?  Us too, join...
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27 - Halloween 2019

October brings the chills, scare, and terror!  In this episode Golds and JP delve into the mind of madness and voodoo.  Join us as we make our way thr...
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26 - DOS Cockpits

We take a break from the console world and slide into the cockpits of some PC-DOS games.  Launching into space from the command prompt we fight for th...
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25 - When I Was Your Age

What do our kids think?  In the era, we are in with the PS4s and XBOX Ones.  Augmented and Virtual Reality, I wondered how the games I played what I w...
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24 - A Retro Retrospective

This episode marks our 2nd year with the podcast!  It’s been a long and enjoyable road, met some amazing people, and learned about some amazing games....
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21 - Fighting Games

This month we take a look at fighting games!  Darkstalkers, Samurai Shodown, and Double Dragon V on the list as we see just how ridiculous some of the...
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20 - Grab Bag

You know, we always do a theme but sometimes we just want to play some games, because they are good.  That’s why this month we decided to just do a gr...
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