Junk Drawer

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Here at Junk Drawer we talk about anything and everything! Each week will have different topics, it just all depends on what we pull out of the junk drawer next.

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl

In this weeks episode we talk about the unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl and our favorite drinks. Ad...
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Caleb Rolled His Ankle

In this weeks episode we talk about whether or not we would be porn stars, Caleb rolled his ankle filming a TikTok and our favorite places to eat. Ada...
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New Policies and Online Shopping

In this weeks episode we talk about new TikTok and YouTube policies as well as online shopping. Adam's Social Media: Adamcollier92 Caleb's Social Medi...
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Guest Appearance with Nick Brown

In this weeks episode we have our good friend Nick with us to discuss what we got for Christmas and some tech related topics. Nick's YouTube Channel: ...
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Through The Decade

In this weeks episode we talk about what all has happened thus far through the decade. We also have our very first ad read, which is for Anchor! --- T...
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Tik Tok, Cybertruck and James Dean

In this weeks episode the boys are back for Season 2 Episode 2! We discuss our new addiction to Tik Tok, our opinions on the new Tesla Cybertruck and ...
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