Just 2 Queens

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Episode 7 - Come Hungry!

Lots of tea spilled this episode: black, white, green, hibiscus, and more. Basically we open up a Tea Shop this episode!Mitchell: Twitter - zeewick, I...
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Episode 6 - No, We're Donezo.

In this episode Mitchell has an aneurysm about Drag Race, Lauren has some exciting news to share, and more!Mitchell: Instagram - zw.ck, Twitter - zeew...
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Episode 1 - Period Porn

Welcome to Just 2 Queens! In this episode Mitchell and Lauren discuss the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8!Lauren - Twitter, Instagram, tumblr: @...
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Episode 2 - Dat Forehead Doe

In this episode Mitchell and Lauren talk about peanut butter, the first episode of season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race, Kim K's twitter rampage, and more!L...
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Episode 3 - It's Caaaaaahmedy!

In this episode of J2Q Mitchell and Lauren talk about Brussels, Drag Race, Acid Betty, and our new weekly segments "You know what I hate?!" And "I jus...
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Episode 4 - Bumbles Bouce

In this episode we talk about the war on political correctness, LGBT..., Drag Race episode 4, pickles, and our problematic faves!Lauren - Twitter, Ins...
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