Just Be Real

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A podcast dedicated to just being real about all the things that life throws our way. From relationships and dating culture to spirituality and the path less traveled, Just Be Real dives deep into the real ins and outs of life.... and gives you the reassurance that your life isn't the only one that's messy. Hosted by Mary Van Namee

Mindful Selfishness

It’s been a hell of a year and Chasing Light is back with all the juice! In the first episode of 2021, Mary gives an update on some exciting pieces of...
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Breaking A Toxic Bond

In the first episode of Just Be Real, Mary talks about some steps to break a toxic bond, shares some of her recent experiences, and gives you hope and...
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The Beauty of Break-Ups

With guest Emily James, this week is all about the inevitable... break-ups. Whether you're in the midst of it, or figuring out if it's going to actual...
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205: Flowing With Life

In this episode, Mary talks about the importance of flowing with life, being open to conversations with others, and, ultimately, choosing yourself and...
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204: When True Colors Show

In this episode, Mary doles our one of her recent experiences with a now-former friend in the hopes it helps you gain clarity in your own situations, ...
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203: Why Not You?

In this episode, Mary talks about root causes to nail & cuticle picking & gives you fresh perspectives on handling conflict in your life, where to ide...
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