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A place were you can sit and listen to topics about life, sports, and other topics given to me, from you guys! Cover art photo provided by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@edgarraw

S3 Eps. 2: Just talking

Covid talk Carbonated Water  Animals  WE FINALLY HAVE SPORTS I hope you enjoy. Sorry about the Audio. My mic broke, will find a better location for t...
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Dead ends in our lives Be grateful for the little things in life.  Love yourself and you will never be alone.  Been inconsistent with what I love to ...
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Summer Pod S2 Ep 3

The Bad The Good that comes along with Social Media Factors that inflict behavior damage Factors that inflict positive behavior  What you follow is wh...
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Summer Pods S2 Ep2

TIme Managment  Money V Job Happiness Allen Iverson Vs Kyrie Irving Trash or Not Trash Game: Kris Lewenthal  And of course I got side tracked. Kawhi L...
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Summer Pod S2 E1

Just getting reacquainted and situated. I have been on the podcast but no more school so we are good to go. I have time now. This episode I didn't hav...
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Episode 5: Sports

So I finally had the courage to talk about the Superbowl. Talk more about the Lakers and whats going on. Triple Double. Value? NBA Playoffs talk. We g...
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Episode 4 W/S.G. Anthony Shelton

For this episode, Anthony and I covered the playoff games, Conversaries of, Was it a blown call and the OT rules. Along with that we covered the Contr...
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Episode 3 : Sports

Short podcast, discussing college footballs recruiting, Lakers, and Playoff games. Enjoy. Sorry, I've been MIA, been busy with other stuff. But noneth...
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Episode 2: Life Topics

Conflicts, Confidence, My mindset on being Successful, Last, but not least, Love, Being Single, and Relationships. Along with advice to help you keep ...
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Episode 1

Playoff game predictions and main points for each team to win a playoff game. Along with discussion methods of learning that the school system use tha...
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