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Your new favorite podcast! A place where you can learn to make a new cocktail from week to week. - Also we'll be telling you what we think about the big moments in media both in front and behind the camera! ...Don't expect too much though, it is the JV Team after all...

20 - Season TWO Finale

Well, we made it. Tune in for the Season 2 FINALE. Will there be a season 3?? Only time will tell... Follow us on Twitter! @JVTEAM4
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19 - TODAY on SNL

Jeremy and Veronica discuss their third and final assignments as Pages. Listen to a behind the scenes look at some of your fave ~iconic~ shows! Don't ...
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18 - EMMYS

We BACK! Could Season 3 be on its way????? Here is what we have to say about the Emmys - enjoy :)
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17 - VMAs Breakdown

Jeremy and Veronica #BreakItDown and chat about the VMAs with a panel of experts. There's Lizzo, Missy Elliott, Taylor Swift, and a little bit of jobr...
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16 - Mr. Kramer

Producer Adam tells us about his ~magical~ wedding (insert heart eye emoji here)
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15 - This Week - Smoothies

Welcome back! Our guest James is amazing... enough said. Also hopefully Adam makes it to his wedding without getting sick from the fungus on our floor...
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14 - Jed in the Head

Professor Alison is BACK with a breakdown of the season finale of the Bachelorette. Jed and Tyler C aren't ready for this windmill. AND play along as ...
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13 - Donuts For Dayzzz

Grab a donut and catch up with Jeremy and Veronica as they chat about their fav shows and life with a new guest, Morsheda (Shompa)Kabir!!! Also check ...
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