Kabira Speaking

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Kabeera speaking is a podcast series in which we will be listening to some dohas written by Saint kabeer and their simple understandings. Language:Marathi Narrated and written by Dr Manisha Jadhav

Episode 6

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Siblings without rivalry
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#Episode 3-Kabeera Speaking

Welcome to Kabeera speaking

Today Kabeer Ji is going to tell us the significance of patience through his age-old dohas.

Hope you enjoy ...

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Episode 2 Kabeera speaking...Kabeer khada baazaar mein

आजच्या भागात आपले स्वागत!!कबीर आज बाजारात जाऊन उभे राहिलेत.काय करतायेत ते बाजारात ???ऐकू या त्यांचाच दोह्यातून.Kabeera SpeakingCreated by Dr Manisha J...
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#Episode 1 Guru Gobind dohu khade

Check out my first episode on *'Kabeera speaking'*In this episode we will listen to a beautiful doha written by Kabeera when he had a dilemma!!! What ...
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