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Your hosts Jeff Herr (@TheJeffReport) and Michael Engel (@michaelengel) present a podcast featuring analysis, opinion, and stories about Kansas City baseball: past, present, and future. Our focus is usually on the Royals, but we'll also discuss the Monarchs, the KC A's, and other teams in Kansas City's history.

Ballgame - Our Final Show

Back in March of 2011, Eric Hosmer and Sal Perez hadn't even played in Omaha yet, and we started a crazy little Royals podcast. Through controversial ...
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Yosted (Episode 147)

After much speculation, Ned Yost has announced that he's retiring at the end of the season. He's been an interesting manager to follow...with some con...
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"Man, I Wish ..." (Episode 146)

This could be one of our weirder shows, in that we're talking about disappointment. Before that part, though, we recap some of the milestones ahead, i...
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Royals For Sale?? - (Episode 143)

This week, the bombshell news came out that David Glass is negotiating the sale of the Royals, with expectations that the process will be complete by ...
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Slumps and Starters (Episode 142)

Jorge Soler has had a huge second half, but in the last week, he hasn't had much of an opportunity to continue with it. Most of the lineup behind him ...
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