Karma Is A Witch! (Hindi)

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Karma is a Witch, a 3D-like audio series in Kannada and Hindi, is a combination of suspense, thriller, horror, murder mystery and much more, told in an 8- episode series. With every scene and dialogue, listeners get to experience the story from within the audio environment the show creates, providing them with a movie like experience - without the visuals. The story revolves around a missing girl named Nisha. Detective Vikram, embarks on a journey with his friends, inspector Ravi and RJ Kriti, to unearth mysterious event surrounding Nisha and her friends. The show is produced by Parthidhwani, a bunch of like-minded youngsters who are musically bound together and produce original, unique and creative audio content. Know more about us - podcast.prathidhwani.com

S01EP06: The Haunted House

With lots of twists and turns, search for Nisha reaches its peak as the story moves to an eerie house! For all the feedback, reach out to us @ prathid...
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S01EP05: A Shadow of Cliché

As Raj continues to reveal things which took place on new year eve, Vikram finds the smell of new hints. For all the feedback, reach out to us @ prath...
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S01EP04: A Twist In The Tale

Story takes a new twist as a new witness gives out his side of the story on new year eve. For all the feedback reach-out to us @ prathidhwani.com
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S01EP03: The Unknown

Nisha's story gets deeper and new questions boils out as Rakesh narrates the events of 31st December and beyond! Where did Nisha go after the party? W...
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S01EP02: The Magic Board

As Vikram listens to interrogation audio bit of Rakesh, a mysterious story opens up. Who is this Rakesh? How's he connected to Nisha and where's she n...
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S01EP01: Meet The Masters

The story begins with an interview of Detective Vikram for the show "Meet The Masters" by RJ Kruti at Vikram's agency, "Vismaya". After the interview,...
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Karma is a witch! - Theme Song

A brand new theme song for our Hindi version of Karma is a witch! Designed By: Chethan Narayanaswamy Singers: Aditi Srivastava, Aishwarya Jyothi Rhyth...
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