Kathleen McGee is a Hot Mess

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Episode 89 – Ty Brandt

This week on the podcast! The “unofficial Mayor” of Fort McMurray (according to Kathleen) Ty Brandt! Kathleen sits down with Ty in Fort McMurray to di...
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Episode 88 – Will Hannigan

This week on the podcast! Fellow Hot Mess Will Hannigan joins Kathleen! They talk about losing ones virginity, unfiltered families and mistakes. Kathl...
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Episode 87 – Brittany Campbell

This week on the podcast Brittany Campbell joins Kathleen on a car ride from Moncton to the Halifax airport. They talk about making a comedy scene bet...
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Episode 86 – Nikki Payne

This week on the podcast!! We are back!! If you thought Kathleen was gone you were wrong! She’s back with a new theme song (Thank you Billy Dixon and ...
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Episode 85 – Darcy Michael

Darcy Michael is back! Enjoy this all new episode with one of Kathleen McGee’s favourite guests! Kathleen McGee on Twitter. Kathleen McGee’s Website. ...
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Episode 83 – Pete Zedlacher

This week on the podcast Pete Zedlacher! We talk float planes, cigars and knighthood! Pete’s Website and Twitter Kathleen McGee on Twitter. Kathleen M...
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Episode 82 – Simon King

This week on the podcast the ultra talented Simon King! We talk serial killers, the current Comedy boom and dogs humping stuffed animals! Simon King’s...
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Episode 81 – Tyler Morrison

This week on the podcast it’s Tyler Morrison! We talk about amazing merch ideas, Adam Sandler’s influence & getting excited about your act. Tyler Morr...
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Episode 80 – Big Jay Oakerson

This week on the podcast the legendary Big Jay Oakerson! We talk men crying, shopping for clothes and lots more! Big Jay on Twitter – Website Kathleen...
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