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Learn to Get Your Space Working For YOU! Conquer procrastination, clutter traps, manage difficult people and live a positive, balanced lifestyle. - Find out how to manipulate the energy patterns in your life!

The Power Position

Kathryn Wilking talks about finding the 'best spot' to work. Being in a Power Position can boost productivity and reduce anxiety when being creative o...
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The Five Hats in Business

Kathryn Wilking talks about The Five Hats in Business. Ever Sole-Proprietor or Entrepreneur needs to be proficient in all five areas in order to thriv...
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Tiger Time Management

Kathryn Wilking talks about the need to practice setting boundaries to be more productive. Proper planning and clear messages can help you protect tho...
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Money Talks; or does it?

Kathryn Wilking talks about how our relationship with money has changed with automation technology. She offers ways to bring back the money-energy in ...
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Ch Ch Changes

Kathryn Wilking chats about the inevitable, everything in motion and continually changing! Be aware of the change, and just like the seasons, embrace ...
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Revise Your Goals

Kathryn Wilking talks about the need to pace yourself when setting goals. It can be too easy to plan, plan more and book ahead to the extreme of havin...
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Are You THE BEST You Can Be?

Kathryn talks about attitude and self-preservation on the scale of Good-Better-Best. How to evaluate yourself, by NOT comparing with other people. Eac...
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Let's GO Fly a Kite!

Kathryn chats about finding FUN after 50! A way to tap into your inner child and find ways to get out. Experience fresh air, a little exercise and sha...
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Fire People are Consuming

Kathryn Wilking chats about the fire element; relating to the Chinese Medicine elements. She discusses in great length how to recognize a fire-person ...
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