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Kayotic Talks is hosted by Defining Kayos (Kéyshawn). Talking about random junk, that probably makes absolutely no sense. But, hey, you might like it! Happy Birthday, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

| Ep 11 | Toxic Relationships

We talk about our experiences in toxic relationships. Everyone goes through it. It be like that sometimes, but we live and we learn! Please follow me ...
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| Ep8 | If We Could Get Powers

What if we could choose our own superpowers. Except we tear into each other getting the logistics down. "Donkey Cock" was also mentioned somehow... Pl...
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| Ep6 | New Year Resolutions

We spill out what our soon to fail new year resolutions will be. Be sure to message us on Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit to see if we are still keeping...
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| Ep4 | Started With Christmas

We started out talking about Christmas. Of course, we venture off and rabble about random stuff. We did kind of bring it back around, but not really. ...
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| Ep3 | Wack Advice to Strangers

The boys and I answer questions from Reddit. Trust us on this one.. or don't.  We have a SubReddit page open now at https://www.reddit.com/r/KayoticTa...
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| Ep2 | Made A Soundboard

I put together a quick soundboard. Kinda like it, not going to lie. Unfortunately, the numb-nut Javi screwed up so this episode will be cut a little s...
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