Keep It Creative Podcast

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Keep It Creative is an online community of ambitious and creative entrepreneurs ready to turn their side hustle into a full-time gig. They want to be able to live creatively and still have the freedom to do what they love. Keep It Creative Podcast is where we sit down with creatives who are killing it online and figure out precisely what has attributed to their success. Founder, Cherise Vecchio interviews creatives who are sharing with us behind the scenes and the reality of building a successful creative venture, all while doing it in an ethical and sustainable way. Cherise also shares her experiences as a freelancer and marketing professional giving insight on how you can too live a lifestyle you've always dreamed of. The Keep It Creative podcast is kind of like the lovechild of The BossBabe Podcast, The Tim Ferris Show and The Influencer Podcast all rolled into one in its very own, unique way. It's raw and actionable and an absolute must-listen for those hungry to turn their passion into a reality, and live and work anywhere.