Keeping it REALL

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Covenant Community Inc. & Recovery Resources of Atlanta - Midtown is proud to present "Keeping it REALL" with two L's because our Lessons Learned will Lessen your L's. Keeping it REALL brings you the daily realities of life within recovery shared by those seeking it, and the lessons learned from those living it.

Keeping it REALL - Episode #10

In this episode Jake talks about the power of shared lived experience within anyone in recovery from a substance use disorder or dealing with mental h...
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Keeping it REALL - Episode #9

Today I talk with Carlos a member of the Covenant Community about how the Game Room has helped in building his community, and some of the new addition...
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Keeping it REALL - Episode #8

New year - New You Elijah and I sat down to talk through the process of getting a new Identification (i.e. Birth Certificates, Social Security, and Pe...
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Keeping it REALL - Episode 7

Corey and I talk about triggers and social situations in early recovery as well as the benefits of gaming for personal development and connecting with...
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Keeping it REALL - Episode #6

Jordan and I talk about how community can bring light into your life if your willing to allow them in. Jordan also speaks about being with christ is b...
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