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Just two guys cracking jokes and keeping it real about our life and what's going on in them.Along with talking about the topics that you guys give us.Tune in every Wednesday and listen for yourselves.

The Great Debate

Twas supposed to be an anime episode but things never go as planned. Such is life!
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Quick Take

So the sound guy messed up and didn't fix the audio fast. Now we have a DOUBLE EPISODE DAY!
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Top 5

You might be asking yourselves, Top 5 what? Well, how about you listen and find out. Enjoy!
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Social Experiment 2(2/2)

This is the 2nd half of the 2nd installment of the Social Experiment! Unfortunately Kaleb wasn't here for this but so is lyfe! Enjoy!!
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Social Experiment 2(1/2)

So this was a very long podcast so the sound guy had to chop it up. Enjoy the 1st half and scroll up for the 2nd half!
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An off topic episode to bring joy to your days. Now for a word from our Kaleb!
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Brain Farts Inc.

Today is sort of a brain relaxer type of day. Something to listen to and giggle while driving!
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