Kinda Classy, Kinda Hood

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Kinda Classy Kinda Hood podcast is a 100% uncensored podcast covering everyday concerns for millennials.

First Impressions Last

Wassup Klassmates?! I GUESSSS y’all can have an episode! Better late than never right? I’m still judging people I only met once and I wanna talk about...
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Happy Friday Klassmates! Have you ever built a relationship with someone without meeting them in person? Me either. Let’s talk about getting catfished...
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Out With The Old, In With The New

Welcome back Klassmates! Um.... it’s Friday! Let’s talk about cutting people off and starting new friendships. It’s never too late to make new friends...
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4 Samples-Moon the Great Interview

Happy FriYAY Klassmates! On this week’s episode of #KCKH I sat down with Stone Mountain’s very own @moonthegreat for an exclusive interview and deeper...
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Help Me Help You

Happy Friday! This week on Kinda Classy Kinda Hood, me and my special guest @ceo_shally_4way discuss networking and how it can become your net-worth. ...
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Baby I Am The Catch

Thank God for FriYays! On this week’s episode, we get into what makes people attracted to us and it’s safe to say we were NOT humble about it. Also, t...
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She Get It From Her Mama

It’s finally FriYAY! They’ll push your buttons, they’ll make you want to hug em’! Let’s talk about Fam(ily) for a second. Can’t live with them, can’t ...
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Fluent In Your Love Language

It’s FriYAY! Welcome back guys. Is your boo fluent in your love language? Have you committed to learning theirs? Let’s have a chat! Also, Alabama Stat...
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On A Date Kinda Nervous

Happy FriYAY!!! When someone asks you on a date what are you expecting to happen for it to be successful? Let’s discuss! As much as I love crab legs, ...
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Scopa tu ma naa

Chile it’s FriYAY and I have something to say! This week we are on our twitter-ish discussing unpopular opinions. Like this if you eat deer meat becau...
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