Kinda Professional.

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Kinda Professional is a podcast brought to you by two longtime audio engineer friends C.J. Santillan and Ian "Cardian" Cardenas. Laugh along with them as they talk about music, the news, life and everything else that they kinda know about. Support this podcast:

Velcro Baby

Back once again with a quarantine episode on a glorious 4.20.20 day. We talk about how we're staying busy during The Rona, being a slave to the man, C...
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Everything Is On Fire

We're back for 2020...this is a mess...but please enjoy! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor....
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Area 51 Rub N' Tug

Your mans are back! Today CJ opens up about his K-Town baby massage, Area 51 will jack you up and CJ starts driving for Uber and we get his experience...
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One Punch Goldblum

Kids and their damn cell phones, Khawi Leonard is not human, CJ takes on the One Punch Man Challenge and he's a Mexican Jeff Goldblum! You don't want ...
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Dubstep & Murder

On today's episode, CJ goes to a Dupstep concert, tell us what to wear and how the people act! Ian bring down the mood with stories of people who murd...
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Burgers, Marvel Porn, UberEats

Today's show has it all Mcdonalds talk, pornhub searches for Marvel Characters, and Ian goes completely postal in his delievery experience! --- This e...
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Diet, CBD, Work, Just Do It

The professionals are back for another episode and this one is a WILD ONE! Nah, the guys talk about grown up crap like diet, CBD and just winging life...
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