Kingdom Living: Up-In-Out

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Hatfield Christian Church is a vibrant family with a passion for Christ, life and the community. We are located in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria and form part of a network of churches that extends across the world. We share the common vision of establishing God’s Kingdom in hearts, homes and beyond.

I have a purpose | Letsholo Pelesi

When we know who and whose we are, we can also know our purpose as Jesus followers. And we have individual as well as collective purpose in seeing God...
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I belong | Neil Bester

When God the Father adopts you into His family, you become part of the church, the body of Christ. So, what does this mean for your identity? And what...
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Redeemed by God | Louis Kotzé

For good or ill, there is no denying the impact that your family, and especially your parents, have had on shaping your identity. So, when God the Fat...
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Known by God | Louis Kotzé

Do you choose how you define yourself, or do others shape who you are? Or do you believe that God knows you deeply and extends an open-armed invitatio...
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What is mankind? | Louis Kotzé

What does it mean to be human? Just as much as your identity matters, your view of mankind matters. We’ve been created in God’s image, but something i...
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Identity? | Louis Kotzé

Your identity matters. Who and what you draw your identity from can either help you thrive or harm you. Join Pastor Louis in this crucial conversation...
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