Knight Talkin'

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While wearing a CPAP and while I'm asleep at night I have strange dreams and end up very engaged in what I'm dreaming about and I talk during the night while I'm dreaming. I don't ever remember my dreams, but by recording them, I have some good laughs afterward.

It's called travelling

If you follow basketball you know you can't carry the ball down the court without dribbling, I'm just calling it like I see it.
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Stop Doing That

No matter how much I beg, people just don't listen to me when I'm asking for help!
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Who am I?

Sometimes I fancy myself as a famous prosecutor interrogating a witness!
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A night with the witches

I have a certain affliction combined with sleep apnea where I talk a bit in my sleep.  I don't ever remember what I'm saying, but sometimes it's prett...
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