Korbin's Korner

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Join Korbin Voss, ghost writer of over 100 ebooks, entrepreneur, and now author himself, as he takes you on the journey of becoming a published author and discusses writing and the industry along the way!

KORBIN'S KORNER Season 2: Covers

Let's be honest, we judge every book by its cover...   Covers are how we market to our customers and they're the biggest marketing tools that we have ...
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KORBIN'S KORNER Season 2: Scope

Have you bitten off more than you can chew?   There's no shame in it. Writers have ambitions that are often way too much for them to handle, especiall...
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Korbin's Korner 020: Your Voice

When it comes to writing a novel, there are so many of us that fall into a wooden category. Our stories come off boring or there's something missing, ...
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Korbin's Korner 019: Antagonists

There are numerous Antagonists that stick out in literature, movies, video games, and anywhere stories are told. They are part of the foundational cha...
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