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Welcome to the Kylie Welch podcast, where I will be talking about topics which are in my popular book called Changing Trains of Thought. I believe amazing things happen as we journey together to change our thoughts, change our lives!

Share Your Story

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to share your story. It could help someone who is going through the same thing.
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Believe In Yourself

This edition talks about believing in yourself and gives you some easy to follow guidance in how best to achieve this. Enjoy!
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Episode 3 - Labels

Labels are temporary and they can be removed. Journey with me as we remove your negative labels and replace them with the true ones. You are amazing!
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Changing Trains of Thought - Intro

In this episode you will recieve an overview of my book CToT and i also focus on how amazing your body is! You are a walking talking work of art. Have...
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