La La La Land

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An Action-Adventure Comedy podcast that follows two rockstars who tour the multiverse as they try to get back home to play a show for their fans, while meeting new and interesting beings along the way.

A Smooch Christmas Carol!

Surprise Smooch Fans! Long time. What have y’all been been to? We hope you’ve been well. It’s been a long time since our last episode but we would lik...
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Smooch FM

This week's episode is an intercepted transmission of Smooch FM, a radio broadcast dedicated to Smooch music on the planet Earth. The host, DJ TJ gets...
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Ep 5 - Explanation Nation

Join us on this week's episode as the boys go to Explanation Nation. In hopes of finally getting some answers, our heroes are transported to a world i...
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Ep 4 - Let's Get Serial

This week things get Serial on the La La La Land Podcast. A journalist takes over the show to give us an in depth news story on the missing Trans-Dime...
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Ep 3 - Fan Land

This week on the show - After watching their new fan Apathetic Alien's ship explode, they find themselves feeling a strange new feeling, sadness. They...
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Episode 2 - The Apathetic Alien

This week on the show Smooch finds themselves on the observation deck of a spaceship. While there, they meet a new potential fan. A suicidal trans-dim...
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Ep 1 Conservative Land

Two Rockstars (Flower Child and Starlight) stumble upon a rubix cube that launches them through space and time. They must find a way to harness the cu...
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