LACBA Presents: ADMITTED - A Podcast For Law Students

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The Los Angeles County Bar Association is proud to present a podcast for law students which assembles stories, tips, and insights for the next generation of attorney. Each episode features interviews with a diverse set of LACBA members from around the legal community of Southern California, reflecting on their experiences from law school and beyond, as they found their place in the complex legal landscape. LACBA and its 26 member sections and committees host more than 100 educational and social events per year. As a Law Student member you can attend events and rub shoulders with a wide array of attorneys and judges always at a discounted rate, and often for no cost at all. Each LACBA member was in your position once, and they enjoy meeting the emerging talents from nearby law schools. Visit our show notes page:

Women in the Board Room and Beyond

The 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote was ratified 100 years ago. Yet a century later, women – and especially women of color – still hav...
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Ep 9. Making of a Trial Lawyer

After our last episode, My First Trial, we couldn’t help but dig deeper into what makes a great trial attorney. With a mix of tips and stories in this...
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Bonus Ep. - Federal Practice Panel

Please enjoy this bonus episode of ADMITTED, produced in partnership with The Skirball Cultural Center, presenting the exhibition Notorious RBG: The L...
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Ep. 8 - My First Trial

For law students whose hearts are set on the excitement and drama of courtroom trials, the best thing you can do is learn from other people’s experien...
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