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A podcast about fishing buddies figuring out the world.

Ep50: 106 Fish

Fishing Team starts off season 3 after a long hiatus of recording with an ambitious scheme to catch a hundred fish in a day! We’ll gloss over whether ...
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Ep49: Bey’s Fourth Cert

The epic quest for TPWD elite status nears its stunning conclusion, as Matthew lands a certificate-worthy rainbow trout. This is an only That Wasn’t T...
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Ep48: Port Aransas Bank Fishing

This special all That Wasn’t That Bad episode follows the inshore fishing trip Jamey and Matthew took to Port Aransas in December 2019. They describe ...
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Ep47: Lake Travis EDM

Lake Travis is a party lake, so Fishing Team tackles it in this episode with a party state of mind. They put to the test Matthew’s crazy scheme to use...
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Ep46: Hula Hut Carp

This episode finds Fishing Team (aka Jamey and Matthew) in the canoe out at their secret honey hole for carp and catfish. Just kidding, they’re sittin...
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Ep45: Lady Bird Lake in Summer

It’s the high heat of the summer, and for some reason Jamey and Matthew are out in the canoe on Lady Bird trying to catch some stuff. There’s a few sm...
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Ep44: The Cichlid Cert

So this episode doesn’t have the best sound quality. We might have just scrapped this one, but early on, Matthew catches a certificate-sized Rio Grand...
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Ep42: County Line BBQ Grass Carp

It’s a last minute and poorly executed after-work trip to the County Line BBQ, which sits on a spur of Lake Austin. Fishing team takes advantage of fi...
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Ep41: Jamey’s Big Dang Carp

A bit of a spoiler, this is the episode where Jamey catches a great big carp. He’s already got his Big Fish Award for it, and he’s very proud of himse...
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