Last Things First


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Join Jack and Alex every week as they try to find out just what is going on in the season finale of a TV show neither of them has ever seen an episode of.

Episode 13 - Monk

This week the boys go international! Alex makes a game and Jack doesn't know how to record his voice.
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Episode 12 - Hannibal

This week Jack has some strange ideas about the lead singer of Toto and Alex is really upset about the Shield.
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Episode 11 - The Hills

Jack and Alex would like to issue a formal apology for the first 5 minutes of poor impressions in this episode.
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Episode 10 - Girls

This week Alex shares a story about a belly ache and Jack wants to watch "Everybody Loves Raymond".
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Episode 9 - Baywatch

This week Jack stresses the importance of safety at the beach, Alex expands on the Jason Mamoa mythos and Adam concocts a fun theory about Jack Johnso...
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Episode 8 - Veronica Mars

This week Alex is positive they are actually watching the final episode of a TV show, Jean shares story from school camp and Jack is still upset that ...
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Episode 7 - Luther

This week the boys welcome their first ever guest to the podcast. Alex tries to come up with a podcast theme song, John talks about how to properly ho...
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Episode 6 - Stargate Atlantis

This week the boys watch Stargate Atlantis, Jack shares a scene from his Seinfeld spec script and Alex comes up with the Jason Momoa cinematic univers...
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