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Latitude 53 presents a video podcast about the gallery and its shows. Meet the artists and see clips from our archives, including Visualeyez, Canada's annual performance art festival. Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture is an artist-run centre in downtown Edmonton, AB, Canada. For more information, visit

Incubator: Reza Rezai

This year's last Incubator artist Reza Rezai talked to us about the photos he took while visiting his grandfather in France and how they reflect the i...
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Incubator: Deann Stein Hasinoff

Deann Stein Hasinoff spoke to us about how a chronic illness which kept her from using traditional mediums lead her to discover creativity through dig...
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Incubator: David J. Nyffeler

David J. Nyffeler installed his work this week, and sat down to talk to us about the significance of using embroidery hoops and photos from his first ...
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Incubator: Cory Johnn

We spoke with this week’s Incubator artist, Cory Johnn, about his portraits of young edmonton entrepreneurs.
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Incubator: Carmyn Joy Effa

Carmyn Joy Effa talked with us about making photographs of buildings in edmonton with her 50-year-old Hasselblad and her iPhone. Come see her work thi...
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Incubator: Paul Swanson

We chatted with Paul Swanson about his photographs of selfie-stick-weilding tourists in Greece, up now as part of *Incubator* in the Community Gallery...
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Incubator: Emmanuel Osahor

We talked with this week’s Incubator artist, Emmanuel Osahor, about his work pairing photos from his two home cities—Edmonton and Lagos, up now in the...
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Incubator: Cindy Couldwell

Listen to Cindy Couldwell talk about the series she created for our Incubator Series. She discusses how her curious nature helped bring this series of...
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