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Launch Chat is a daily show answering all your startup questions. If you're an entrepreneur or startup founder trying to build the next big thing, then listen as we dish out knowledge about how to raise angel investment, build an app, get traction, and everything in between. Hosted by Jake Hare of Launchpeer, the show combines his (and his team's) working with hundreds of startups around the world and distills that knowledge into actionable 15-minute episodes.

Skills without ideas?

In this episode we field a question from someone who has a ton of 'startup skills' but can't seem to find an idea to work on. Jake breaks down the met...
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Top skill for new entrepreneurs?

In today's episode Jake talks about the number one skill he wish he'd mastered at the beginning of his startup journey, and why it's probably not what...
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Should you build B2B or B2C?

In this episode we talk about what factors you should consider when trying to decide between building a B2B or a B2C startups, and what Jake's prefere...
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Why Competition Doesn't Matter

In this episode we talk about why competition for your startup doesn't matter, and how to turn competition into your best friend. Want to ask a questi...
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Rebuild or Keep Going?

In this episode we talk about whether it's best to rebuild your app to go faster, or just stick with what you got.
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Paying for PR Distribution

In this episode we talk about whether or not PR distribution services work, and also whether PR is even worth your time as a startup founder.
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