LCpl Fun Bus Comedy Podcast

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Two former Marines discuss a wide range of topics, and maybe tell a few jokes.

3.10 - Season 3 Finale

We wrap up our third season with Charles hating movie theaters, and Dustin fighting food poisoning, again.
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3.07 - Super Pumped

Dustin shares some of the details from Mike Isaac's new book "Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber". Charles tells the tale of his long layover in Vegas ...
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3.05 - Movie Remakes

Charles and Dustin talk about the nerds in Hollywood churning out endless garbage. Also an update on dive bar lunch, and Christmas in September.
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3.04 - Charles Goes to Work

Charles has been an unemployed drain on society for the first two seasons of LCpl Fun Bus, but now, he has finally gotten a job, and he has some thoug...
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3.03 - Dive Bar Lunch

Dustin embarks on a quest to find the best dive bar lunch in Columbus, employing strict selection criteria, and a rigorous ranking formula.   Other to...
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3.02 - Ghost Work

The first book covered in season 3 is Ghost Work by Mary Gray and Siddharth Suri. The book covers a hidden form of employment where tasks are assigned...
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3.01 - Orlando Conference Guys

Season 3 kicks off with our heroes returning from Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, Florida. They've got some thoughts on the conference as well as th...
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