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Leadership From The Cross is dedicated to ministry training hosted by Pastor Scott Thom of Cross Christian Fellowship in Albuquerque, N.M. We help advance your leadership skills. Topics include Pastoring, Lay Ministry, Church Management, Vision Casting, Character, Team Building, Faith, Ministry Planning, Church Planting, and so much more. Pastor Scott also has a ministry training college for pastors and leaders.

051 Executing Your Plan

Planning is what is a necessity for leaders, but so is seeing the plan come to completion. This can often be a struggle, but it can be made easier. Pa...
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049 A Servant's Creed

Great leaders live by a creed that they learn and then follow. It models how they live, work and interact with others. It would be similar to those of...
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048 Worship 101

There are so many different ministries that you can be a leader of. One in particular is going to gain our attention today as it has been in the spotl...
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045 Passing on Your Values

To continue as a strong leader you need strong people around you. You are not always blessed with those people when you first start or when you have b...
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044 Special Guest: Jason David

It is time for another special guest. Pastor Scott Thom has brought on another pastor that has completed the Shepherd School and has gone out to start...
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