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For students and teachers of German as a foreign language. A new and comprehensive approach to one of Europe's major languages. From the producers of Learn French by Podcast.

19 Talking about the weather

A common topic of conversation is the weather. That will be our focus in this lesson. We'll begin with a conversation between Frau Meier and Herr Muel...
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16 A trip to the baker's

When away on a trip, chances are that you'll pay a visit to a bakery to sample some fine local patisseries. Let's do just that in this lesson. We'll s...
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14 Talking about a family member

In the last lesson, Paul and Sabine were talking about Paul's sister, Steffi. Let's add some more detail to the discussion this time. We'll hear more ...
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13 More about you...

In a previous lesson, we discovered how to introduce oneself. This time, we'll see how to discuss one's own family. In our role-play, Paul talks to Sa...
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12 A trip to the local market

This lesson involves a trip to the local market. We'll discuss some more numbers and, of course, discover the names of some common grocery items.
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