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In this message, we look at Daniel 1 to discover what we need to bring results to our reset.
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In this third part of our series entitled Reset, we look at the unique opportunity God has given us in our current circumstances to reset our faith, r...
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In part 2 of our "Reset" series, we're looking at what God rescues us TO. We've been rescued from sin, but what does God rescue us to?
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Return (Pt 1)

Sometimes we need a reset. In our spiritual lives, a reset begins with returning to the Lord. Looking at 1 Samuel 7, we see what Samuel says to the Is...
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New Season

Looking at Exodus 18, we see how God prepares us for new seasons and what these new seasons require of us as followers of Christ.
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Wrapping up our series on John 5:1-9, we learn that Jesus can meet our needs whenever. But we need to be ready to respond in obedience whenever He mov...
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Continuing in John 5, we see that Jesus works wherever He is.
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