Leona Reads A Lot

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Our podcast ‘Leona Reads A Lot’ focuses on the latest books that we’ve read, the latest book trends we see happening in our community, and the general bookish thought that pops in our unbalanced brain. We read and talk about anything from non-fiction to erotica, although the later isn’t exact,y a favorite genre of ours. Interested to listening to our literature favs and throwaways? Hit play and prepare to be entertained.

Season 2 Intro

I’m back for Season 2! Join me as I go deeper into the world of reading and writing. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to mak...
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Oh Shoot! I’m A SJM Fan!

Listen as I explain the completely bizarre yet fascinating experience I had with the works of one of the most popular Young Adult authors of the past ...
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Writing Process | On My Own?! E04

Listen as I navigate the sometimes complicated waters of preparing my novel for publication. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest wa...
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Bookish Talk | Reading Tastes, E03

Have you ever wondered why you no longer read certain genres or stories any more? Listen as I take the time to go through the ups and downs of my read...
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Writing Process | What Now? - E02

Everything isn’t for everyone, and participating in CAMP NANOWRIMO 2019 and NANOWRIMO 2019 I learned how true this saying was. Take a listen to learn ...
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