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From across time and space, and throughout the multiverse, listen as two generations of comic book readers come together to discuss a single character or event that shaped pop culture as we know it. Let Your Geek SideShow presents... Then and Now with Susan and Kitty

Then & Now Farewell

Thank you for listening to the Then & Now, a Let Your Geek Sideshow podcast. We are ending this series as Sideshow’s podcast network continues to evol...
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Gwen Stacy - Episode 54

This week, we're unraveling the complex web of one of the most important women in Spider-Man's life- the all-around nice girl Gwen Stacy. How did her ...
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X-Men - Episode 53

Hey there! This is Kitty. Then & Now is taking a small break right now, but we thought you might be interested in our episode all about Marvel's X-Men...
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Joker - Episode 52

Hey there! This is Kitty. Then & Now is taking a small break right now, but since the 92nd Academy Awards are coming up, we thought you might want to ...
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Deadpool - Episode 51

This week, we're diving into the twisted mind of Marvel's very own Merc with a Mouth. From his groundbreaking debut to busting down the fourth wall on...
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The Skywalker Saga - Episode 50

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away fans were introduced to a farm boy named Luke Skywalker and a villain called Vader. Since that time, Star Wa...
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Thor - Episode 49

Whosoever listens to this podcast, if they be worthy, shall learn the storied history of Marvel's very own God of Thunder, Thor. It takes a special ty...
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Green Lantern - Episode 48

This week, we're using our willpower to dive into the furthest sectors of the DC Universe and uncover an entire spectrum of emotional struggles and co...
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Terminator - Episode 47

On this episode of Then & Now, our mission is to go back in time and discuss the origins and evolutions of a sci-fi franchise as relentless as Skynet ...
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Spongebob Squarepants - Episode 46

Are ya ready, kids? This week, get ready to soak up the history of the porous yellow protagonist who has been entertaining audiences for two decades, ...
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