Let's Discuss It w/ Jae & Ant

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Open Discussions w/ Varies Guest. Opinions are a privilege to have and a right to speak on. I created this Podcast to gain some understanding and open our minds to different perspectives. My brother Anthony Puente is my co-host. So enjoy are random conversations and enjoy yourself and hopefully this entertains who ever listens. Thanks for Tuning In!

Laschelle Shannon

-The Term "Baby Mama'-Discussing the Rise and Fall of Our Friendship-Discussing Past Relationships-Going in depth about Noah-Discussing Breakups-Givin...
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Chelsi Martin

"Life with No Limit Blog"-Infertility-Depression-Having a special needs child- Guilt-Counseling-Being a nurse & being a parent of a child with Autism ...
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Connell & Daniel

Let’s Discuss It w/ Connell & Daniel.Raw Discussion About:-Racism-Diversity-Police Brutality-Personal Racist Encounters-Honest Feelings about Riots/Pr...
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Leah Daniel

-Mental & Physical Abuse -Parental Rights -Child Custody Stories -Childhood Trauma -Opening up about Therapy -Leaving Toxic Marriage -Finding Love Aga...
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Vishus Part 2

Turning Down Artist -Public Feud with Mac Tweet -UG Times Rise & Fail -Personal Issues with Local Rappers/Producers -Thoughts of Quitting -Jabbos Unde...
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Vishus Da Mobsta

-How Vishus Started.-Back to the Block Album-Introducing Adub to Crockett Co.-Syc Rap group.-Syc Rise & Fall-Discussing Crockett Co Rappers-LNG and HB...
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Dana Kramer & Levi Ervin

-Dealing with Covid-19 Quarantine-Getting to Know Levi-Levi playing sports.-Levi Discusses his surgeries.-Therapy Discussing.-Discussing Mrs.Marsh & D...
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Luis & Tina Part 2

-How They Met.-What strains a marriage.-How they broke the news about 1st Pregnancy.-How Ant broke the news & Who he told First.-Tina's Smoking Addict...
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