Let's Fight

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A friendly debate podcast about love, sex, relationships, and pop culture. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/letsfight/support

Round 28 - 20 Somethingzzz

Shari wants you stop being a people pleaser and Tiara said you're broke...give it up!  Shari wants you to use gloves and Tiara doesn't like hair in he...
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Round 24 - Women Be Trickin'?!

Shari says women spend more and Tiara says men spend more...but women also spend more? Girl.... Follow us! The Show - @LetsFightPod Tiara - @Brooklyny...
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Round 22 - It's A WRAP!

Shari wants to fight the Senate and Tiara wants to fight 50 Cent in the name of Pop Smoke. Follow us! The Show - @LetsFightPod Tiara - @Brooklynyel Sh...
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Round 21 - Once A Ho ALWAYS A Ho??

Shari doesn't want you to delete your hoeness and Tiara is pulling a Draya.  Follow us! The Show - @LetsFightPod Tiara - @Brooklynyel Shari - @ChipdNu...
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Round 20 - Traditionally A Mess

Shari is still listening to Summer Walker and Tiara still leaves cookies out for Santa.  ***SHOP TIARA'S JEWELRY LINE TOMORROW -> www.danidymonds.com ...
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Round 19 - Don't Call It A Comeback

Shari can't fit into matching pajamas and Tiara is ready to gtf out of Pennsylvania.  Follow us! The Show - @LetsFightPod  Tiara - @Brooklynyel  Shari...
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