Let's Get Serious with Trent and Scott

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A podcast where Trent Mabry and Scott Smith talk about comedy, wrestling, and anything else that comes to mind. They also do jokes!

Episode 15!

Returning from a brief hiatus Trent and Scott discuss their recent trip to Monday Night Raw, start a campaign to get Brendan Fraser on the podcast, an...
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Episode 12!

In this episode Scott and Trent discuss the news of the day, listen in on Scott's recent doctor visit, and of course do jokes! http://letsgetserious.p...
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Episode 10!

In episode 10 of the podcast Trent and Scott, play a few rounds of "Hipster or Meth Head?," do jokes, and debut the theme song for their sitcom! http:...
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Episode 9!

In this episode Scott and Trent discuss their "fight," talk a lot about Burger King for some reason, and of course do jokes! http://letsgetserious.pod...
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Episode 8

Possibly the last episode of Let's Get Serious with Trent and Scott, things get a little awkward towards the end of this episode but before that Trent...
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Episode 7!

In this episode Trent and Scott discuss what they look for in a girl, Scott shares a story about his uncle, and of course they do jokes! Be sure to tu...
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Episode 6!

Episode 6 of the podcast features Trent and Scott playing a new game called "First Impressions," maybe getting some advice from relationship expert Ta...
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Episode 4 Live From Prison!

Trent and Scott record the podcast live from prison after their recent arrest. Scott lists his top five Christmas movies, we talk about our mysterious...
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