Let's Talk About Rock

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This is an informative rock and roll music podcast, talking about the rock news of the week, then talking about an important part of rock history.

Let's Talk About Metallica

In celebration of Metallica celebrating 40 years as a band, Vinnie chronicles their musical evolution over the course of their 10 studio albums, as we...
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Let's Talk About Sublime

Vinnie heads on down to the 1990's California ska punk scene to discuss one of the most iconic bands of that era Sublime, looking into the histor...
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Let's Talk About the Doors

50 years after the loss of iconic singer Jim Morrison (1943-1971) at the age of 27, Vinnie talks about the life of Jim Morrison and the history of the...
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Let's Talk About Judas Priest

For Let's Talk About Rock's 75th episode, Vinnie goes heavy metal this pride month by talking about LGBTQ+ metal icon Rob Halford and of cou...
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