Let's Talk Show Business

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Join me Hannah Docherty as I talk to creative people as I try and work out for myself how they live and thrive in this crazy industry we called "show business."

Leah Eddleston - ALRA

DEEEP DEEPPPP TALKKKSSS with Leah Eddleston where we don't apologise and make good make cake!! Leah... Let's Talk!
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Abbi Moore - Training at Urdang

Ever wanted to know what it's like to train at Urdang????? Abbi Moore will tell us!! We talked about training online, dream roles and our past lives i...
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Sophie Jane Scriven

YouTube, Central Life, Obscure Musical Theatre, Sophie... Let's Talk. *Disclaimer I may or may not have messed up Sophie's last name and called her sc...
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