Let's Watching TV

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Let's Watching TV is a comedy podcast all about putting TV in its place. We watch a few episodes of some classic shows, identify the issues, and pitch a new direction the show should take.

Episode 23 - Simpsons

It's finally here! After over 3 months of delays, Kelty & boanus are back with a brand new episode, finally tackling one of the greatest and most infl...
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LWTV Mini: Focus on Media

In this minisode, Kelty walks you through the new LWTV digital video rental service. Also LWTV's new friend Terrance stops by to learn about this exci...
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Episode 21 - Home Movies

After exploring the groundbreaking genius of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, boanus and Kelty decide to dive into the other Adult Swim classic -- Home Mov...
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Episode 20 - Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day and guess how many times we try to pull a silly Groundhog Day joke in this episode! It's less than you'd think. We spent too much t...
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