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LexiCon #302 – Black Widder

LexiCon #302 – Black Widder A father, daughter and son give their Black Widow review–in both spoiler-free and spoiler varieties (*SPOILERS* begin at 2...
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LexiCon #299 – Karate Kat

LexiCon #299 – Karate Kat A father, daughter and son watch Karate Kid II for its 35th anniversary . . .    Which is your favorite Karate Kid movie? Le...
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LexiCon #297 – 80’s Night

LexiCon #297 – 80’s Night A father, daughter, mother and son get together for some 80’s movie trivia . . .    Share some of your favorite 80’s movie q...
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LexiCon #296 – Wrestling ’96

LexiCon #296 – Wrestling ’96 On their 296th episode, a father, daughter and son watch two ’96 wrestling matches (Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel from 4/96 a...
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