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What are you waiting for? - Audio

One of the hardest things is for me to do is to sit still and let the Lord work in my situation. Chapter 3 of Ruth gives us an excellent example of wo...
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Under His Wing - Audio

The Book of Ruth moves quickly. Last week in Chapter 1, Naomi said, “Do not call me Naomi (Pleasant) but call me Mara” (Bitter). Ruth will meet a clos...
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Call Me Mara - Audio

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful love story could occur during the dark days of the Judges, but then there’s the Grace of God! In our trying d...
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Two Wrongs, not Right - Audio

Israel finds themselves a victim of their own foolish promise. It seemed right at the time they made it, but it turned out wrong. Today we end the boo...
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In The Mean Time - Audio

When we operate in human wisdom, we create one problem after another. But when we pause, pray and seek the mind of the Lord, We can move forward in Hi...
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False Religion Delusion - Audio

Things tend to degrade rapidly when we turn from God to our own design of God. the book of Judges has been a hard read, things will get worse. 17:6 In...
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