Liberties We Prize

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Political and cultural discussion and commentary centered on the Hawkeye State

Progress is not Politics

In which Kyle returns to explain why free speech has become a partisan issue, encourage the legislature to make police transparent again, and complain...
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Moralities & Monstrosities

In which Kyle discusses the root of the conflicts about the death penalty and guns, as well as laments the lack of such rooted understanding regarding...
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Tables, Plans, & Tabled Plans

In which Kyle continues dissecting the results of the latest Iowa Poll, and talks the governor’s plans for felon voting, children’s mental health, and...
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Freedom is (un)Popular

In which Kyle discusses the results of the latest Iowa Poll and defends the push for a state-level Religious Freedom Restoration Act against strident ...
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Here Comes the (Judicial Issues)

In which Kyle discusses campus free speech in the context of the University of Iowa and Business Leaders in Christ, the point of the Iowa judicial sel...
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Host Kyle Day announces a new podcast about Iowa politics and current affairs, from a perspective not easily found in the "new media" market.Support t...
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