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Know Your Why

The pressures of this world can harden you or make you into who you were made to be. The strength to handle that pressure comes from knowing your why ...
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Fooled By A Feeling

Quiet the voices that tell you you’re not good, capable or worthy enough of the plans that God has for you. The cross of Christ obliterates every lie ...
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Quiet the Riot

We all can get busy paying too much attention to the noise in our brains. But, there's peace and rest as we learn to turn to God and trust Him.
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You are an earthly person with a heavenly calling. There is no higher calling than the call to follow God with your life.
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Anyone who is marked for God is going to be marked by the opposition. You are valued, worthy and highly favored, and your life for God does count!
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So Unfair To Compare

Don't get stuck in the comparison trap. Live authentically to who God made you to be, because there's no one else He wants you to be.
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The Real is the Ideal

We all have an ideal way we want life to go, but then reality kicks in. If we can surrender the ideal for the real, we will see that the real is the i...
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