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Sunday messages from Life Church St. Louis with Pastor Dan Walker.

Evil Judged (Genesis 19)

The depravity of Sodom is uncovered by Lot's two angelic guests. The judgement of Sodom by God is a warning of the wrath of God at the final judgement...
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Talking to God (Genesis 18)

God wants to be your friend. In this message, we learn from the example of Abraham, how God interacts with His friends. We discover that God desires t...
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Promise Confirmed (Genesis 17)

Learn how God progressively reveals His plans to us. God progressively revealed His covenant plans for Abraham and Sarah. God progressively has reveal...
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Going It Alone (Genesis 16)

Growing impatient with God's promise of children, Abram and Sarai decide to go it alone. Sarai tempts Abram with her servant Hagar, who becomes pregna...
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Covenant Promise (Genesis 15)

From the life of Abraham, we learn how to hear God's promises and put our faith in them. As you stand firm in your faith, God will fulfill His promise...
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Going into Battle (Genesis 14)

In this chapter, we learn of the bad example of Lot, who chose to live near the wicked city of Sodom. Abram chose to rescue Lot in the face of overwhe...
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See God's Vision (Genesis 13)

As we follow the life of Abraham, we see God giving him an increasingly clear vision of the promise. However, God's blessing leads to conflict between...
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Part of the Plan (Ruth 4)

In this final message, we see the great significance of the faithfulness of Ruth and Boaz. Not only did God bless Naomi, but the son of Ruth and Boaz ...
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